HookerS House 1849 Sonoma Style Bourbon Finished In Pinot Noir Barrels 750ml


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Hooker’s House 1849 Whiskeys are a tribute to General Joseph Hooker and his over-indulging, outrageous lifestyle.  Although his military practices are often questioned, his love of whiskey and women cannot be. His Army reputation as a “ladies’ man” began early in his career and he was referred to as the “Handsome Captain”.  The general kept morale high among his troops by inviting a posse of ladies to fraternize with the gents.  At first, the women became known as “Hooker’s brigade” or “Hooker’s girls” and later became just plain “Hookers”. The legendary General Hooker liked to carry on so much with women and whiskey. That he popularized the word Hooker to its common use.  The General’s home, Hooker House, located off the historic plaza in Sonoma is now a museum celebrating his spirited life and now the spirit and legend of General Joseph Hooker lives on in Hooker’s House Whiskeys.

Hooker’s House 1849 is a High Rye straight Bourbon whiskey finished in Pinot Noir barrels from our friends at Schug Winery. Produced in small batches and bottled at 100 proof from a single barrel.”

The whiskey is a four year old Kentucky bourbon with a mashbill of 54% corn and 46% rye grain. This is a huge rye content and not one I’ve ever heard coming out of one of the Kentucky distilleries. According to the folks at HelloCello. The barrels they bought were part of a pilot project that didn’t go forward so the barrels were sold off. The Sonoma angle is that once HelloCello bought the whiskey, they finished it for nine months in pinot noir barrels.


The nose on this is very nice starting sweet and fruity with quickly emerging vegetal rye notes.


The palate is quite fruity, with sweet fruit punch as well as some sweet plum. Later in the palate, rye peaks out from underneath and it turns minty, which is typical of strong rye on the younger side.

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