HookerS House 12 Year Old GeneralS Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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We are excited to announce the anniversary release of Hooker’s House 12-years-old General’s Reserve Bourbon. Distilled in 2006, the General’s Reserve Bourbon has been patiently resting in our Sonoma Distillery for this moment. After close to 13 years in New American and New French oak barrels, It has reached its peak. The Bourbon was bottled last week at 94 proof.  We are observing a fantastic and rounded flavor profile from extended aging in new premium barrels. Expect a balanced combination of roasted chestnuts, black pepper, charred marshmallows, coconut husk, and plum jam. General’s Reserve represents the finest, rarest, and oldest spirits in our collection. It has been worth the wait.

There are currently five Hooker’s House 12 Year old Whiskey variations, ranging from 100% rye to 100% corn. Prohibition Spirits is based in Sonoma, California and the location inspiration is clear: all of their whiskeys are “Sonoma-style.” Hooker’s House Bourbon and Rye are both finished in wine barrels retired from local wineries, and Hooker’s House Cohabitation 7/21 Bourbon uses solera aging, a process generally reserved for cognacs, ports and sherries. This latter limited supply expression is a blend of Prohibition Spirit’s best barrels of their straight, sourced bourbon whiskey, aged from 7 to 21 years.


The bottle is beautiful and the color is just as gorgeous as you pour a vibrant, crystal clear red-orange.


Here’s where things become a bit muddied. The nose is quite faint, like springtime in a glass, but if you were smelling it in February instead of April in full bloom. There are hints of rose and pear, and a bit of baking spice if you really try for it.


Spring turns to fall quickly as the bourbon coats your tongue. It tastes and feels as thick as candy corn doused in cinnamon. Like sweet Thanksgiving in a glass round and full in your mouth as your stomach feels post-Turkey coma. It’s not so bad, until you feel the harsh bite of alcohol in your throat.

Hooker’s House 12 Year Old General’s Reserve Bourbon Whiskey -
HookerS House 12 Year Old GeneralS Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 750ml $225.00 $191.25
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