Frank August Small Batch Bourbon (750ml)


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Frank August Small Batch Bourbon

Frank August is a modern expression of what bourbon is, what it can represent. We believe bourbon has a more expansive story to still tell, one for all of us, because it will be told by all of us. Frank August is a call to be open and undisguised.

BRAND: Frank August
COUNTRY: United States
STATE: Kentucky
SPIRITS STYLE: Small Batch Bourbon
ABV: 50%

Tasting Notes of Frank August Small Batch Bourbon 

NOSE: Frank August’s Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon opens with hints of caramel and vanilla that are balanced with warm oak and mild baking spices which warm the senses.

PALATE: Echoes those initial sweet caramel and vanilla notes, with cinnamon and rye bread spices coming forward. At 100 proof, it is a perfect balance of heat and smoothness that warms your mouth, while hints of
brown and malt sugars begin to present themselves.

FINISH: As flavors of vanilla, oak and baking spices transition through all senses, it leaves a medium – long finish.

Frank August Small Batch Bourbon
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