Belle Meade X.O. Cognac Cask Finish Bourbon 750ml

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Belle Meade X.O. Cognac Cask Finish Bourbon

Our Cognac Cask Finished Belle Meade Bourbon™ Is The Result Of Painstaking Attention To Detail To Create A Product Of Unmistakable Quality And Character.

We Started By Seeking The Perfect Casks For The Project Because Like Any Other Ingredient, The Finishing Cask Must Be Exceptional In Order To Achieve Exceptional Results. The Search Ended When We Found A Selection Of Casks Made Of French Limousin Oak That Had Been Used For 12 Years To Age One Of The World’s Premiere Fine Champagne XO Cognacs. One Smell Of These Casks Told Us That They Held Truly Magnificent Potential As Finishing Barrels For Our Bourbon.

We Next Selected The Bourbon Best To Fill These Extraordinary Casks. We Decided On A Blend Of Bourbon Ranging In Age From 6-9 Years To Coax The Best Results From The Casks. The Younger Barrels Pair With The Spice And Fruit Characteristics Of The Cask While The Rich Depth And Complexity Of The Older Barrels In The Blend Play Perfectly With The Soft, Luxurious Flavors Of The Well-Aged Cognac That Once Inhabited This French Oak.

Cut To 90.4 Proof And Non-Chill Filtered, Cognac Cask Finished Belle Meade Bourbon Is The Perfect Way To Wind Down The Day When Sipped Neat, With A Splash Of Water, Or On The Rocks.


Honeysuckle, brown sugar, caramel, with a whiff of high-proof alcohol. This actually smells like a 100+ proof whiskey—not overwhelming, but still surprising to get so much alcohol on the nose.


The high rye content of this bourbon provides a chewy, umami quality, which I adore, and the blend and cognac aging supplies a fruity sweetness. It kind of sparkles.


Long finish mimicking the palate with notes of toasted cedar and hints of allspice.

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