Gammel Dansk Liqueur Bitters 750Ml


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Gammel Dansk Liqueur

Gammel Dansk Liqueur is a Danish bitter, and the name literally means “Old Danish”. It was first created in 1961 and it is flavored with herbs and spices including star anise, nutmeg, ginger, laurel, gentian, Seville orange, cinnamon, and others. The recipe remains a secret.

A relatively modern liqueur bitter, having been invented in Denmark in 1964, Gammel Dansk contains 29 natural ingredients and is the second best-selling spirit in its native country, producing over 4 million liters per year.

The real secret behind Gammel Dansk’s unique bitter flavor comes from the mixture ratio of the 29 different herbs, spices, and flowers, which include angelica root, nutmeg, aniseed, ginger, and rowanberries.

The exquisite soft and dry flavor derives from a blend of 29 different herbs from many different places around the world and fruits selected for their aromatic, sharp, bitter qualities.

The name of this bitters brand literally translates to ‘old Danish’ and it is something of a cult product in its native Denmark. Unusually for a ‘bitters’, this is a relatively modern brand, launched in 1964 to capitalize on the growth in popularity of bitter liqueurs.

Gammel Dansk Liqueur is flavored with 29 different herbs, berries, and aromatic oils and undergoes a three-month marrying period prior to bottling.

This is shipped in from Europe on a custom order basis. The typical delivery time is 10 days.


Clear, rusty brown with golden highlights.


Cracked black pepper and sweet cinnamon and nutmeg nose with warm cloves and red berry fruit.


Aggressive bitter, dry, pine juniper palate with tannin and much need sweet fruity flavors.


Aromatic, liquorice finish with fruit compôte struggling for attention over the bitterness. We’d score this highly if presented in a bitters bottle with a dropper and aimed at being dripped into Manhattans.

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