Zoco Pacharan
Zoco Pacharan Navarro Liqueur 1L
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Zoco Pacharan Navarro Liqueur 1L


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Zoco Pacharan Navarro Liqueur

Zoco Pacharan Navarro Liqueur is produced in the Basque area and is one of the oldest commercial brands of Pacharan and it’s clear to see the flavors have been refined to absolute perfection. Zoco Pacharan definitely delivers a taste to remember.

Made from an Anisette liqueur base, this French speciality is flavored with beautiful sloe berries, coffee and vanilla. A unique, complex flavored liqueur with an interesting palate.

Product Details

Brand: Zoco

Country: Spain

Flavor: Vanilla, Spice, Coffee

Alcohol Content: 25 Percent by Volume

Alcohol type: Liqueurs

Liquid volume: 1L

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Clear, coppery amber with bronze highlights

Aroma: Stewed prunes, pungent aniseed and cold breakfast tea

Taste: Lightly syrupy and honeyed with sloe berries, ripe cherry, strong liquorice and stewed prunes with anise freshness

Aftertaste: Ripe plums and aniseed with cracked black pepper and hints of chocolate

Pairing: The Pacharán Zoco should be served cool or on ice. It is especially used after meals as digestive.

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