Sagamore Distillers Select Tequila Finished Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml
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Sagamore Distillers Select Tequila Finished Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml


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Like nearly all new Spirits companies, for the first few years Sagamore Spirits purchased custom formulated distillate from other production facilities. It’s just about the only way to get started these days. But last year they moved production to their new, private distillery with a very nice visitor center in Baltimore, Maryland. Cheers to them! The name comes from the Sagamore Farm limestone spring water used to cut their Whiskey to proof. They produce a range of seven award-winning, all-American Rye Whiskies and you should try them all because they’re mighty good stuff.

Sagamore makes a really great Rye, but they do like to tinker with the success by experimenting with interesting combinations and finishes. We’ve had several of them this year, including their Cognac and Calvados finished Ryes. And now we get to taste their latest tasty achievement.

Sagamore Distiller’s Select Tequila Finish Rye Whiskey is Sagamore’s signature Maryland-style Rye Whiskey powerhouse aged between four and five years in new oak — just as you expect. What sets this dram apart is that it’s finished for up to a year in casks that used to hold Extra Añejo Tequila. It delivers a Rye spice with herbal grassiness and agave nectar notes. And since this limited edition is bottled at 49% ABV, you will drink deeply on the depth of flavor.

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Category Sagamore
Region United States, Whiskey
Brand Sagamore
Alcohol/vol 49%