Ransom Old Tom Gin 750ml
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Ransom Old Tom Gin 750ml


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This Old Tom Gin Is A Historically Accurate Revival Of The Predominant Gin In Fashion During The Mid 1800’S And The Golden Age Of American Cocktails. The Recipe Was Developed In Collaboration With Historian, Author, And Mixologist Extraordinaire David Wondrich. Old Tom Is The Gin For Mixing Classic Cocktails Dating From The Days Before Prohibition. Its Subtle Maltiness Is The Result Of Using A Base Wort Of Malted Barley, Combined With An Infusion Of Botanicals In High Proof Corn Spirits. The Final Distillation Is Run Through An Alambic Pot Still In Order To Preserve The Maximum Amount Of Aromatics, Flavor And Body. Only The “Heart Of The Hearts” (The Very Best Portion Of Distillate) Is Retained For This Special Bottling.

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Category Gin
Region United States, Gin
Brand Ransom
Alcohol/vol 44%