New Riff Distilling Bourbon Barreled Kentucky Wild Gin 750ml
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New Riff Distilling Bourbon Barreled Kentucky Wild Gin 750ml


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New Riff Distilling’s Kentucky Wild Gin Bourbon Barreled Is Thoughtfully Crafted With Local Wild Foraged Kentucky Botanicals, Capturing The Native Flavors Of The Ohio Valley And Reflecting Historical Kentucky Gin Ingredients. Twelve Botanicals Are Distilled Right In The Pot, Including A Range Of Typical European Gin Ingredients (Such As Angelica, Orris And Licorice Root, And Three Kinds Of Citrus). To These We Add Two Local, Hand Foraged Wild Seasonings, Including A Wild Juniper Berry And The Amazing American Spicebush—Both Of Which Are On The Slow Food Ark Of Taste—Plus A Dash Of Kentucky’s State Flower, Goldenrod. At The Last, We Blend In A Bit Of Our New Make Rye Whiskey Spirit, Enriching The Texture And Lengthening The Flavor. The Gin Then Rests In Dripping Fresh New Riff Bourbon Barrels For Five To Seven Months, Achieving A Mellowing Note Of Vanilla Oak.

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Category Gin
Region United States, Gin
Brand New Riff
Alcohol/vol 47%