McClintock Distilling Oro Cucumber Lime Vodka 750ml
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McClintock Distilling Oro Cucumber Lime Vodka 750ml


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This One Of A Kind Spirit Is Made From Organic White Wheat, Vapor Infused With Organic Lime Zest And Fresh Sliced Organic English Cucumbers And Finally Aged For In Used Añejo Tequila Barrels. This Unique Spirit Combines The Beautiful Complexity Of An Añejo Tequila With The Fresh Flavor Of Cucumber And Lime With A Mellow Finish Of A Wheat. The Oro’s Name Comes From The Spanish Word For Gold Because This “Liquid Gold” Is Made From The Best Ingredients From Around North America For A Pure Sipping Vodka That Goes Great On The Rocks But Is Also Versatile Enough To Lend Itself To A Wide Array Of Cocktails. There Is Nothing Else Like This On The Market And Is Truly The First Of Its Kind.

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Category Vodka
Region United States, Vodka
Brand McClintock
Alcohol/vol 40%