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High West Campfire 375ml
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High West Campfire 375ml


During a visit to Islay, David Perkins enjoyed a breakfast at a B&B near Bruichladdich, which included a delicious syrup made from sugar and High West Campfire whisky poured over the honeydew melon. Taking this experience back to America, he set about blending sweet bourbon from Lawrenceburg with peaty Islay single malt, with some spicy Rye for good measure!

This High West Campfire whiskey was created in memory of peated whiskey and sugar drizzled over a ripe honeydew for dessert. A smoky, sweet bourbon with flavors of sweet honey enhanced by floral fruity spice with a bit of smoke that is great on its own and paired with s’mores. Enjoy!

A collaborative whiskey from High West, taking spirit from the USA and Scotland to produce a one-of-a-kind bottling. It’s a blend of straight bourbon and rye, with high corn and rye mash bills respectively, with a peaty Scottish single malt. A superb combination of sweet corn, floral rye, and smoky Scotch.

This bottling from Utah based High West is a combination of three different whiskeys. It combines straight bourbon (71% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley malt) and straight rye (95% rye, 5% malted barley) both distilled at Indiana’s MGP distillery. Also included is blended malt scotch whisky from an undisclosed (per the contract) source. The whiskeys range in age from 5-8 years.


Golden syrup, peach, honey, a little rye spice, and just a wisp of peat smoke.


A big hit of rye, cinnamon, and sultanas, before we’re back in honeyed toffee territory. Peat completes the tail of the palate.


Sultanas, toffee, and lingering peat smoke.


Global blending is something we’re going to see more of, especially if this one’s anything to go by. Don’t think, either, that due to the name this will be like eating embers, the peat is used sparingly to create a well-balanced, and original addition to High West’s range.

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