Choya Umeshu Kokuto
Choya Umeshu Kokuto
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Choya Umeshu Kokuto

$78.98 $75.03

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Choya Umeshu Kokuto

This is another great product from the world most famous Umeshu distiller CHOYA, Osaka, Japan. This time, Choya blends Japanese Ume fruit with brown sugar, black rum & black vinegar to make its taste rich, sweet & even a bit smoky. You could enjoy drinking this on the rocks, as a desert or even top it on vanilla ice cream for the extra sweet & rich flavor. It’s just like a heaven.

15% Alcohol Content

Food Pairings: Desert, In Cocktails

Tasting Notes: Rich and mellow flavor from dark rum with notes of plum and dried apricot from the ume fruit. Enjoy its unique aroma and a deep taste with desert or alone on the rocks after dinner. Great for a unique and interesting cocktail.
Enjoy chilled or on-the-rocks, and even use it as a cocktail base.

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