Appleton Estate Signature Blend -
Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Appleton Estate Signature Blend


Appleton Estate Signature Blend Is A Full-Bodied, Medium-Sweet Rum. It’s A Delicious Blend Of 15 Aged Golden Rums With A Warm Honey Colour, A Lush, Fruity Aroma, And A Rich Taste. It’s For Everyone And Every Day, And It’s The Perfect Way To Make ‘Just Another Day’ Feel Special. It’s The Perfect Accompaniment For Memorable Rum Cocktails Or Simply Mixed With Cola And An Orange Peel Garnish.

The Signature rum from Appleton Estate has had quite the makeover! The fabulous Jamaican rum has been aged in small casks before being blended and married in oak, and bottled at 40% ABV. A flavour-packed spirit that’ll add a good tropical splash to all manner of serves. Signature Blend is the new name for Appleton’s VX following its 2015 relaunch. The flagship rum of the range, this is an exceptional blend of 15 rums of varying types with an average age of four years old.

Brand Appleton Estate
Flavour Citrus
Alcohol Content 40 Percent by Volume
Alcohol Type Golden
Liquid Volume 700 Millilitres

Tasting Notes Of Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Caramelised pineapple and candied ginger, with a drizzle of treacle and ripe stone fruit.

Single Estate Jamaica rum, a tribute to the Estate’s storied history, a rum blend that embodies a commitment to expressing Jamaica’s unique terroir . A blend of pot and column still rum aged for an average of 4 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica giving a more robust and complex flavor

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