Alpengold Edelbrand Weichsel Cherry Brandy 375Ml
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Alpengold Edelbrand Weichsel Cherry Brandy 375Ml


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There is nothing really subtle or hinting in our CHERRY Edelbrand.
The first whiff of the glass screams in your face,?C H E R R Y!?
The first sip leaves no doubt of what you are about to receive.

As much as we like to make fun of overly pixilated expressions to describe a product, the CHERRY Edelbrand almost demands them.

But to describe it best:

maybe some of you had the opportunity as a child, like yours truly, to remember the almost decadent and insatiable adventure of sitting in a cherry tree full of ripe, plump, sweet, juicy cherries and stuff as much as possible of these little pieces of heaven in your little mouth, trying to crush and chew them all at once so you live to taste this explosion of divine juices (and then spit out all the stones at once like a wood chipper) –

this is exactly the experience you will have drinking this extraordinary Edelbrand (without the stone spitting part)!

Capturing the very essence of cherries with their classy undertone of almonds will make you rave about it like we do!

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Category Brandy
Region United States, Brandy
Brand Alpengold
Alcohol/vol 40%