Give Thanks with Whisk(e)y on Thanksgiving Day 2021

Thanksgiving is a time to drink and dine with your family, to share memories and pleasures and field goals. It’s also a perfect time to help spread your passion for whisky and maybe attract new admirers. After all, some friends and family members may never have tried excellent whisky or given it much of a chance. As a passionate whisky lover, you can show them what makes whisky so thrilling. Here are several collections of best whiskey to collect 2021


Easy to sip and with far more complex than its price point would suggest, Speyburn’s Scotch whisky is nothing if not dependably superb value. All of its offerings are mellow and moreish with a pleasing aftertaste. Light flavours make for a great choice that comes with an inexpensive price tag for anyone. Those looking for a good whisky without paying too much may love Speyburn’s Bradan Orach. Meaning “Golden Salmon” in Gaelic, expect aromas of green apple, honey, lemon and vanilla. It’s a delightfully rich drink with plenty of complexity for its affordable pricing.

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Glen Moray

Glen Moray, a legendary distillery in Speyside, Scotland, is the recipient of numerous honours. Founded in 1897, the company is one of the most well-known and respected in the world of whisky distilling as well. It’s famous for preferring a sweeter pitch. This is Glen Moray’s entry-level spirit, but don’t let that scare you away from trying the rest of their line-up. This bottle’s wide range of flavours makes it a pleasure to consume. Lemon curd and meringue come on strong after the butterscotch and shortbread notes. A mellow single malt with a citrus flavour that’s perfect for whisky newbies. It’s a great whisky at a great price

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Craigellachie manages to strike the perfect balance between being distinctive enough to satisfy whisky enthusiasts while being approachable for newbies when it comes to whisky. With a loyal fanbase, the company offers a wide selection of bottles, each with a varied age range to accommodate a wide range of tastes. It’s an intriguing whisky that newcomers will enjoy for its unique flavour. Craigellachie’s 13 Year Old is not a smokey whisky, but if toffee, fudge, and fruity flavours are what you’re after, this is a great choice.

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Highland Park

The Highland Park Distillery has a rich history dating back over two centuries and a wealth of knowledge to back it up. In everything from its ferocious bottle designs to its strong taste, this is a brand with a bit of an edge and personality. With a lengthy history of successful bottles, it’s no surprise that its 12 Year Old is a popular choice. When it comes to drinking Scotch, this whisky is the gold standard. It has a “heather-honey” flavouring and a fantastic scent

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After manufacturing whisky since 1824, the Glenlivet distillery in Moray, Scotland, is well-versed in its craft. Furthermore, its 12 Year Old is well-known as one of the world’s must have whisky. Despite being distilled in Scotland, this whisky is the most popular in the US. Glenlivet’s whiskey is made in pot stills using only malted barley and mineral-rich spring water from the distillery’s historic wall, which distils the spirit.

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To summarise, a Glenmorangie bottle is a safe bet. This brand is well-known because they know what works and stick with it. It’s been a winning formula for the distillery for almost two centuries and hasn’t changed much. It specially matured Glenmorangie whisky, designed for collectors and enthusiasts. Its hefty price tag reflects the product’s excellent quality and labour-intensive nature.
The first thing you’ll notice about this whisky is its aroma. Before you even take a drink, you’ll be assaulted with the more robust flavours of cinnamon and cumin. It has a sweet scent with a pleasant aroma. The balance of Glenmorangie’s Grand Vintage makes it the best Scotch whisky. It’s a crowd-pleaser with flavours of vanilla and oak and a long, slightly malty finish that’s sure to delight.

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Johnnie Walker

With its unmatched spirits, Johnnie Walker is a favourite choice for both novices and specialists. You may bring it out for any occasion because it’s one of the world’s most widely distributed best everyday whisky brand.

In terms of prestige, the Blue Label is the most expensive blended whisky from the company, although the higher price is well worth it considering the quality. Thanks to the rounded nose and the brand’s trademark spiciness, expect sweetness and an explosion of flavour from the first sip. Blue Label’s flavours include hazelnut, toasted oak, and smoke when served neat as a smooth whiskey

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If a whisky could taste like nostalgia, it’d be an Oban bottle. The modest distillery in the Scottish Highlands that started it all delivers typical ‘coastal-yet-sweet’ blends that have made it a household name among whiskey connoisseurs everywhere. Single malt from Oban is finished in Fino sherry barrels, which adds to its sweetness. The brand’s newest product is a must-have, especially for the money you’ll save.


For this reason, it’s safe to predict that any bottle released by Glenfiddich will be a hit with the whisky-drinking public. This single malt is also one of the most highly acclaimed globally, with a wide choice of bottles available at a medium price point that’s affordable to everyone. Glenfiddich’s Bourbon Barrel Reserve is actually a Scotch whisky, despite its name. There are two distinct flavours in this spirit: traditional Scotch and sweet Bourbon. This is how the name came about

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Because it’s made entirely by master distillers, this Scotch stands out. With the help of a select group of master distillers, Balvenie creates some of the best whiskies available today. Since 1962, the distillery has been making high-quality whisky and has earned a reputation for itself. This Speyside whisky from Balvenie is another excellent pick. That second distillation in sherry casks gives this whisky an incredible depth of flavour and complexity.

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Bowmore’s whiskies combine the best of both worlds: peatiness and sweetness, resulting in an array of mouth-watering concoctions. As a result, the first Bowmore Distillery was built in 1779 on the Scottish island of Islay, using a variety of local malts. The 15 Year is an excellent illustration of how these two flavours work together. Bowmore’s Single Malt Scotch is aged in ex-sherry casks for the final three years after distillation, giving it a distinct sweetness

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After 130 years in the whisky industry, Buchanan’s has established itself as a well-known brand that people worldwide enjoy. It’s a good value for the money, and the full, nuanced flavours will make a lasting imprint on your palate. Several of Scotland’s best flavours are combined in this multi-award-winning blended Scotch whiskey. With or without water, it’s an economical whiskey bottles that tastes great. Citrus flavours can be brought out by adding soda water to the recipe and then mixing it together.

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