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The secret to Brennivin, Iceland’s signature spirit, is the balance between the pure, soft, Icelandic water and the robust, savoury, flavour of caraway. While the precise origin of the recipe is unknown, caraway is one of few spices that grow wild in Iceland, despite the harsh climate.

Brennivin delivers an inspiring kick for the progressive mixologist, is excellent paired with the rustic flavours of Nordic cuisine and of course, the perfect Rock’n’roll shot. It is an ancient Nordic tradition to simply let Brennivin choose the occasion for you!

Country: Iceland

Liquor Type: Liqueur

Type: Spirits

Nose: Lemon frosting; raw dough; four; light anise; drywall

Palate: Oilier than most vodkas, but still more similar vodka than gin. Raw dough and a bit floral

Finish: Very little. Some light anise and caraway

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In the past, the Borsci family, originally from the Caucasus, moved to Albania because of political instability. In 1840 a part of the family, following the Hero Giorgio Castriota Scandeberg, moved to Apulia in a lile village called San Marzano Di Giuseppe where Giuseppe Borsci, inspired by an ancient family recipe, began to produce his own liqueur. The historical yellow label bears the double-headed eagle in honour to the time the family spent in Albania and the statemente “Specialita’ Orientale” (Oriental Specialty). That’s how San Marzano Borsci Elisir was born.

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Brand: Borsci

Alcohol Content: 38 Percent by Volume

Alcohol type: Herbal liqueurs

Dark brown and viscous, this liqueur has a bold, pungent, earthy aroma.

The palate is very bitter and medicinal, mingling with an ersatz cherry-raspberry jam note midpalate, finishing with a drying bitter walnut quality.

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