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Brandy, Brandy- Everybody’s Favorite Spirit

Brandy- Everybody’s Favorite Spirit

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Brandy, alcoholic beverage distilled from wine or a fermented fruit mash. The term used alone generally refers to the grape product; brandies made from the wines or fermented mashes of other fruits are commonly identified by the specific fruit name.

Brandy is a strong alcoholic drink and often drunk after a meal.

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Portugal- Imported Portuguese brandy blended from the best wine brandies and spirits. 1920 is one of the oldest and finest labels of C.R.F.

Brandy 1920 is produced and bottled in the northern town of villa nova de Gaia by the Symington family estates. It first appeared on the Portuguese market in the 1940s as “Aguardente Velha 1920” (“Old brandy 1920”). It did not become “Brandy 1920” until 1994 when new EU legislation was applied in Portugal.

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Product Details

Spirits Style: Brandy

Country: Portugal

Size: 1L

Alc.: 36%

Tasting Notes: Gently matured in oak casks it has a golden color, smooth taste and subtle flavor.

Distillation: Blended from the best wine brandies, brandy 1920 is one of the oldest and finest labels of C.R.F “Carvalho Ribeiro & Ferreira”.

Recommendations: As a digestive, it can be served with ice or on its own.

Store and Serve Advice:

Brandy Spirit 1920 can be enjoyed in a small brandy snifter glass, straight and at room temperature, as a digestive or consumed in a long glass with ice, mixed with soda, fruit juices or soft drinks. It is versatile and always provides moments rich in emotion. With your family or friends, Brandy Spirit 1920 is remarkable.

This Flores Zuta Osa Superior Slivovitz Plum Brandy is a Plum Brandy named after “Yellow Wasp” – Zuta Osa. Prepared and aged according to traditional distilling recipes passed from father to son in “master distiller” families of southeastern Europe over hundreds of years.

From the earliest of times in villages of shumadia a yellow wasp stands as a symbol of fruitful ripeness, vivaciousness, purity and stylishness. In this past decade a shumadian peasant has added to the yellow wasp a sign of its natural origin. To be consumed as an aperitif and digestive liquor for special occasions as this is surely merited by its tradition and quality.

Product Details

ABV: 45%

Size: 750ml

Type: Premium Spirits

Variety: Brandy

Brand: Flores

Country: Serbia

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The finest grapes were fermented in Thessaly and meticulously distilled drop by drop in small copper stills atmou. Displays a unique bouquet of flowers and citrus triantafyllon. Rich in flavor with time in the aftertaste, balance dramatically. It is an authentic spirit that appeals to those who honor the tradition and appreciate quality. Enjoyed as an appetizer accompanied by savory snacks and as a digestif after a good meal.

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Product Details

Producer: Tsililis

Abv: 41%

Volume: 700ml

Country: Greece

Appearance: Crystal-bright

Aroma: Minerality, brown bread, grassy, white grapes and fermenting pear fruit with faint rose and mint.

Tasting Notes

Taste: Cracked black pepper, pear and white grapefruit with more minerality and very faint clove spice.

Aftertaste: Fruit and spice with more pear fruit.

Overall: This is a refined tsipouro with attractive pear fruity spice.

It can be drunk on its own as well as it pairs well with appetizers and finger food but it is also a base spirit for inspired cocktails.

Anis del Mono Dulce, natural aniseed is distilled in copper stills with other aromatics in order to obtain only the essential oils. These oils are mixed with sugar cane, demineralized water, and neutral alcohol before being shaken, filtered and bottled.

A sweet Spanish anise-flavored liqueur, produced by Osbourne (who are well for their brandies, too). The name of Anis del Mono’s creator is still included on the label – Vincente Bosch.

To make the colorless, Anis del Mono Dulce, natural aniseed is distilled in copper stills with other aromatics in order to obtain only the essential oils. These oils are mixed with sugar cane, demineralized water, and neutral alcohol before being shaken, filtered, and bottled. The artisanal method of making this liqueur has not changed over the past 145 years.

The beautiful diamond-cut bottle was inspired by a perfume bottle that Bosch gave as a gift to his wife. In Spain, this bottle is sometimes even used as a musical instrument! To drink Anis del Mono Dulce in the traditional manner, try it with water and ice. It can also be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed with either brandy or coffee. Its gentle, full aroma is sure to draw you in.

Product Details

Region: Barcelona

Style: Anis Spirit

ABV: 36.00%

Country: Spain

Size: 70cl

Color: Crystal clear, bright, and transparent.

Tasting Notes

Flavor: Anise aroma Soave.

Taste: Pleasant, sweet, and persistent.

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