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Winter Cocktails, 5 Winter Cocktails to warm up the cold days

5 Winter Cocktails to warm up the cold days

Winter winds bring a change of taste in drinks and you can enjoy many stunning cocktails on the coldest days of the year. Despite the fact that rum, brandy, and whiskey are all wonderful choices to deal with the chilly winds, there are some things that only delicious cocktails can fix.

So here are 5 of the best winter cocktails you should try. Drink your troubles away this winter with these amazing winter cocktails!

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot buttered rum makes the perfect winter drink, and it’s irresistible. It is sweet and warm, which is just the kind of comfort you need during the winter. Warming beverages, in general, have a long history in the United States going back to colonial times. This popular drink can be made in a variety of ways, and it’s perfect for the holidays.

The recipe for hot buttered rum is very simple and can be used to quickly mix up one or two drinks. You can also make a large batch of the cocktail and store it in the refrigerator if you want to serve it at a party or if you are a big fan of the cocktail. All you have to do is pour, stir, and drink.

Main alcohol: Rum

Ingredients: Dark Rum, Salted butter, Brown sugar, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Boiling water.

Preparation: Mix together the batter ingredients in a large bowl and refrigerate until almost firm. Spoon batter into a hot beverage mug. Add boiling water and stir well until dissolved. Add rum and cream (if using) and stir. Garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Hot Toddy

The hot toddy is a great way to ease that irritating cold in the evening. In the world of hot drinks, the Hot Toddy is the grandfather.

The Toddy originated in the mid-18th century, and it traditionally consists of spirit, sugar, and hot water, perhaps with lemon peel or other spices. Irish whiskey was used in Ireland. They used scotch in Scotland. In the United States, people used whatever was available, often brandy or rum. In today’s world, whiskey usually wins out. Due to the Toddy’s customizable nature, it may contain different spirits depending on where you get it.

It’s great to sip hot toddies in the evening or as a nightcap. It is just perfect winter cocktail for playing cards with the family. It’s a great idea to feature a hot toddy bar at holiday parties.

Ingredients: Rum/brandy, Bourbon, Honey, Hot water, Lemon.

Preparation: Pour boiling water, whiskey, and honey into a mug. Add cloves, cinnamon, and lemon slice. Let mixture stand for 5 minutes so flavors can mingle, then sprinkle with a pinch of nutmeg before serving.

Espresso Martini

An espresso martini is an alcoholic caffeinated cocktail made of coffee liqueur, vodka, and espresso.

A tasty combination of coffee, liqueur, and dessert in one. It’s strong, but sweet, rich, smooth, and utterly delicious. If an Irish coffee is your thing you’re guaranteed to love this!

Base spirit: Vodka

Ingredients: Vodka, Cold Espresso, Coffee liqueur, Store-bought caramel.

Preparation: Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker, shake well with ice, and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with coffee beans.

Make your weekends cozy and boozy at the same time with Espresso Martini. Get a double kick of caffeine (courtesy of espresso) and vodka for a night you might not even remember.

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine, also known as spiced wine, is an alcoholic drink usually made with red wine, along with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins, served hot or warm.

With the intoxicating aroma of toasted spices, cinnamon, and wine, you can make winter memorable and refreshing. This winter cocktail is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

Ingredients: Allspice, Clove, Star anise, Cinnamon stick, Maple syrup, Orange juice, Brandy, Red wine.

Preparation: In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine all ingredients. Bring to a simmer not a boil, then reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer gently over low heat for 10 minutes.

Serve warm and garnish with more citrus slices and cinnamon sticks.

Note: Keep in mind that these ingredients are very easily multiplied. One bottle of wine will yield five drinks (enough for two to four people), two bottles yield 10 drinks, and so on.

Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

Take your winter drinks to the next level by making them Irish. Enjoy your favorite hot chocolate with a hint of Bailey’s Irish cream in this delicious recipe. With its deep chocolate flavor and alcohol content, you’ll feel comforted and boosted.

Baileys Hot Chocolate is rich, creamy and all about flavor! This hot cocktail is deliciously sweet and perfect cocktail for cool weather.

Ingredients: Bailey’s Irish Cream, Cocoa powder, Milk, Sugar, Vanilla, Chocolate chips, Whipped cream (optional but highly recommended).

Preparation: In the sauce pan, combine milk, cocoa and dark chocolate. Stir with a whisk until the chocolate has melted. This only takes a few minutes and I highly recommend stirring the milk constantly. When ready, turn off the heat and stir in Baileys. Top with whipped cream and drizzle with chocolate syrup.

Top Winter Cocktails

Winters might seem harsh, but these delicious winter cocktails are not!  If you are running any sort of liquor to make these winter cocktails, Sendgifts has covered you!

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Find something to drink from these best winter cocktail recipes. It’s time to liven up those snowy nights in.

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