Potocki Polish Vodka 750ml

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Potocki Polish Vodka has The bouquet is subtle and alluring, with distant notes of buttered popcorn and escarole broth; aeration stimulates aromas of peanut butter, rye toast and damp cobblestone. Silky palate entry is slightly sweet, concentrated and grainy; at midpalate, the flavor turns drier, lightly spiced and almost fruity (as in dried fruit). Aftertaste is long and spicy. Well crafted and quality driven.

Potocki Polish vodka is pure alcohol (96.4% abv) is mixed with distilled water to the required bottling strength of 40% abv, and is 80 Proof. No additives, such as citric acid or glycerine, are used. The common process of charcoal filtration is intentionally omitted as this would unnecessarily strip the vodka of its character. The faint bouquet of vodka is noticeable on the nose, but most of the action takes place on your palate.

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Potocki Polish Vodka
Potocki Polish Vodka 750ml $97.00 $63.05
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