Kirk And Sweeney Rum 18 Year Old 750ml

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A rather brilliant 18-year-old rum from an undisclosed Dominican distillery, bottled as part of the Kirk & Sweeney range. Surely this will be a treat for enjoying over a few ice cubes (or perhaps a clear ice sphere, if you’re fancy like that).

Kirk and Sweeney 18-Year-Old Rum is adored for its coffee, cinnamon, chocolate, and brown sugar flavor notes.

This Rum is carefully distilled at 35 Maple Street Spirits distillery, Dominican Republic.

This full-bodied rum delivers an intriguing range of aromas, from intense vanillas to faint notes of sherry and raisins-all built upon a notable undercurrent of roasted cane sugars.

Eighteen years of aging and expert blending come to life with the first taste, revealing a deep vanilla flavor, followed by dried fruits, nutmeg, cinnamon spices, and a hint of oak. Immensely smooth all the way through, this rum unwinds with a gently wavering sensation of oak, sherry, and raisin.

A deep, dark, complex rum. Redolent of rich caramel and brown sugar on the nose and palate, toffee-like sweetness soon gives way to cocoa, clove, cigar wrapper, and espresso on the drying finish. Sip over ice.


The nose is bursting with vanilla and beneath that, there is the aroma of molasses and a faint note of cinnamon.


The rum is smooth and has a full body with only a slight hint of sweetness which is more inferred from the strong vanilla flavor than actual sugar. The vanilla is somewhat balanced with wood flavors and dry tannins. Lying dormant below the vanilla are subtle notes of cocoa powder,  burnt sugar, and the slight smokiness from the ex-bourbon barrel.


The finish has more vanilla, more oak, and is bone dry with a slight mineral quality from the molasses. There is also a lingering note of cocoa that covers the tongue.

Kirk and Sweeney Rum 18 year old -
Kirk And Sweeney Rum 18 Year Old 750ml $118.98 $89.24
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Category Rum
Region Dominican Republic
Brand Kirk and Sweeney
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00

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Weight 750 lbs