Heering Cherry Liqueur 750ml

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Heering Cherry Liqueur

Heering Cherry Liqueur is a 100% natural product made from the particularly aromatic Danish Stevns cherry to which is added a touch of choice spices. The liqueur is known the world over for its excellent quality and deliciously smooth, full flavour – the result of maturing in oak casks for three years. It is enjoyed best as it is with ice, or as an ingredient in cocktails and long drinks such as the famous Singapore Sling.

Product Details

Category: Liqueurs & Cordials
Region: Denmark
Brand: Heering
Alcohol/vol: 24%

Tasting Notes of Heering Cherry Liqueur

Intense, pungent aromas of sour cherries and coriander, with marzipan in the background.

Syrupy texture, best described as liquid Cherry Bakewell. The spicy notes from the nose are noticeably absent initially.

Intense cherry flavors slowly dissipate, leaving a subtly spicy finish, reminiscent of cloves.

Heering Cherry Liqueur
Heering Cherry Liqueur 750ml $84.98 $72.23
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