Frapin Vip Xo Cognac 700ml

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A very important Cognac, the Frapin Vip XO Cognac Grande Champagne Cognac is elegantly rich and spicy. Frapin originally started making wine, but they eventually forayed into the distilling world, and with good cause! If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have this excellent Cognac, which has aged incredibly.

Frapin VIP XO is a spicy and floral Cognac with lots of the characteristics that you’d expect from a Grande-Champagne-heavy blend of Eaux-de-vie. This was the only Cognac served on British Airways Concorde flights.

Frapin XO VIP Cognac Grande Champagne – Old amber-gold in color, this XO quality Frapin enriched with very old brandies combines the age, roundness, bouquet, and finesse characteristic of very old Champagne cognac distilled over lees.

The opening aroma is assertive as zesty notes of pine, oak, and parchment dominate; aeration serves to enhance the oak by introducing a fine caramel/toffee component. Palate entry is fruity, almost jammy, and sweet; at midpalate, the smooth, satiny, creamy texture provides one of the highlights along with beguiling flavors of cocoa, chocolate cake frosting, buttercream, and walnut. Concludes elegantly. Nothing less than one of the greatest grape brandies I’ve ever tasted.


Rich stewed fruits apples, raisins, and dates. Heady aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg.


Sticky dates and Christmas-cake spices with tempting notes of ginger and glace fruits. Very rich and classy, but balanced with a pronounced fruitiness. Powerful flavors on the palate, but no single element dominates.


Dry spices and root ginger linger.


Very moreish and appealing, this has the full flavor you expect from XO Cognac but with balance and poise that transforms it.

Frapin Vip XO Cognac -
Frapin Vip Xo Cognac 700ml $375.00 $243.75
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Frapin VIP Cognac XO

Reserved for VIPs, this blend enriched with very old brandies combines age, roundness, bouquet and finesse. These are the old reserves of the Frapin family.
Old orange gold. Rich, elegant and complex, characteristic of very old Grande Champagne cognac distilled over lees. The bouquet is fruit and also evokes spices. Roundness, finese, power and balane. Long finish in the mouth with notes of dried fruits and hazelnuts and a beautiful aromatic harmony. This exceptional cogac reaches its optimum balance after long ageing over special decades in a damp cellar.–