Damrak Amsterdam Premium Gin 750Ml

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Damrak Amsterdam Premium Gin is an exceptionally smooth gin with a less pronounced juniper flavor instead favouring more citrus flavours. Based on his extensive experience and expertise our Master distiller has created this unique gin recipe. A combination of five distillations and bottled at 41.8% Alc/Vol. (83.6 proof), DAMRAK Gin has a sweet orange aroma giving way to candied pine. On the palate, the citrus leads followed by licorice, coriander, and a subtle juniper flavour. With a subdued juniper flavour coming to the fore, the 16 other botanicals such as orange, citrus, honeysuckle and an array of spicy and sweet herbs, combine to create an intricate mix that makes Damrak Gin the most pleasant gin to drink. Tasting Notes Of Damrak Amsterdam Premium Gin

Nose :

Creamy citrus forward nose with sweet orange rind, candied lime peel, dried California figs and a touch of pine. There’s a sweet spiciness that reminds of Cucidati Italian Christmas cookies with Hints of rum, cinnamon, raisins a well. Damrak Gin has a lovely complex nose that although the notes suggest the non-traditional, it clearly reads as gin.

Palate :

The palate of Damrak Gin evolves on the palate in a few exciting acts. At first, there’s lime and orange notes. Then a rich body wherein the citrus turns to grapefruit, and almost floral juniper blossoms from the background. A creamy citrus supported richness ushers in a finish with a touch of tea and the slightest hint of anise. Juniper hovers on the palate for a fairly long time on the finish.

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Damrak Amsterdam Premium Gin 750Ml $96.64 $62.82
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