Bsb Brown Sugar Bourbon 103 Proof Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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BSB stands for “Brown Sugar Bourbon.” We first wrote about this interesting dram back in the Spring of 2019 when it was winning a TON of awards — getting EVERYONE’S attention. BSB 103 Brown Sugar Bourbon is that exact same, delightful, Bourbon flavored with brown sugar and cinnamon to compliment the natural profile of the Spirit. But where “normal” BSB has a lightly intoxicating ABV of a mixed drink, BSB 103 is bottled at mighty 51.5% ABV. And this new edition is wining its own share of awards, most recently the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, among many others. It’s simply lovely over ice or served lightly warmed in a mug.

Heritage Spirits was founded in 2012 by Jennifer and Justin Stiefel in Gig Harbor, Washington. The operation took off fast and they quickly built a portfolio of Spirits from Whiskeys and Vodkas to tasty liqueurs. They have done such a good job that they have been recognized as the most-awarded craft Distillery in North America six years in a row. Their range of quality Spirits enjoys popular success across the Pacific Northwest — including company retail locations in Washington and Oregon — but can be hard to come by in other places. So grab a bottle when you have the chance.

A higher proof version of already loved BSB. A little sweet with a healthy kick of whiskey warmth. Distinct notes of brown sugar and cinnamon highlighted throughout. The bolder version of BSB is meant to give you a nice kick.

Appearance / Color:

Ruddy Bronze

Nose / Aroma / Smell:

The aroma is filled with notes of gingerbread, cardamom, warm dutch apple, and caramel.

Flavor / Taste / Palate:

The flavor profile is like a strong sweet Bourbon cocktail made from caramel apples and marzipan.


The finish goes on and on and on with sweet, apply warmth.

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Bsb Brown Sugar Bourbon 103 Proof Bourbon Whiskey 750ml $85.00 $72.25
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