Agardi Palinka Apple Brandy Oak Aged

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Agardi Palinka Apple Brandy Oak Aged

A Classic Hungarian Agardi Palinka  Fruit Brandy Made From Apples Cuvée 12 Months Aged In New And Seasoned Oak Barrels, Yielding A Beautiful Golden Yellow Color. Subtle Notes Of Butter, Vanilla, Clove, And Cinnamon On The Nose Complement Ripe, Early Autumn Apple Flavors And The Warm, Soft Sweetness Of Cooked Fruit. The Flavors Intensify On The Long Finish And Some Have Compared This Brandy With Calvados.

Product Notes
Palinka is a Hungarian brandy derived from fruits native to the Carpathian basin. These are typically orchard fruits and most commonly seen are plum, pear, apple, cherry, grape, apricot, peaches, raspberries, strawberries and currants. Palinka made of pomace is also very common and is a typical drink in the wine producing regions of the country. Within each fruit there are obviously varieties which play a significant part in the final flavor.

Additional Details

Size: 750mL

Country: HUNGARY

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Agardi Palinka
Agardi Palinka Apple Brandy Oak Aged $102.00 $86.70
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