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One Stop Shop for All Alcohol Needs – Sendgifts

Looking to buy alcohol online in USA? Kick back, relax, and let our online alcohol delivery service do the magic!

Online shopping in today’s time is increasingly becoming a way of life. Today, alcohol delivery services such as Sendgifts can deliver your favourite alcohol to your doorstep. The appeal of buying alcohol online is mainly about the convenience, besides discounted prices.

Sendgifts is a leading online liqueur merchant in USA. We are the online alcohol delivery of choice for prompt and reliable services. Through our enviable network in the industry, we ensure genuine and authentic alcoholic beverages for our esteemed customers.

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Some examples of events that we can deliver alcohol online to include: wedding receptions, corporate events, staycation, seminars and conferences, barbeques, and exhibitions among others.

Sendgifts also provides online alcohol delivery in Canada.

A high-quality, pure and natural orange liqueur made from premium quality oranges. It is characterized by its clear, bright colour and fresh, mature aroma that blends sweet and bitter orange with floral notes.

This orange liqueur was developed for use in Margarita cocktails and is made using organically grown sweet oranges from Jamaica and bittersweet oranges from Haiti. The peels of these oranges are macerated in neutral spirit and the resulting flavoured orange spirit sweetened with sugar.

Nose: Bitter orange peel on the nose underpinned by a fruity sweetness

Palate: Delivers a sweet and smooth fresh orange taste Enhances cocktails & gourmet recipes

Finish: A short finish, chocolate-mandarin notes

Overall: A great orange liqueur with pleasant bitter notes

Alcohol Content: 35%

Country: Mexico

Style: Orange liqueur

Size: 750 ml

Type: liqueurs

  • Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur 750ml

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The History of Liqueur Despotikon goes back to the 12th century, when Peloponnese and Kalamata were under Frankish occupation. The secret recipe for the “Longevity Elixir”, as the liqueur was used to be called, was revealed to Nicolaos Callicounis from an old monastery document and so the production begun in the first plant of the distillery in the historical centre of Kalamata in 1850. 160 years after, the Despotikon Liqueur is produced and bottled following the exact steps of the old recipe, exclusively using Tsipouro and the unique taste the Natural Cinnamon Extract and the Honey Impart.

  • Rakomelo Despotikon Liqueur 750ml

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It often mixed into hot drinks like tea or coffee, bartenders of present are using this timeless drink to make uniquely Greek cocktails.

Producer: Rakomelo Despotikon

Country: Greece

Style: Liqueur

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