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, Liquor more Quicker from Sendgifts

Liquor more Quicker from Sendgifts

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We have made it extremely easy to order drinks just with a few clicks. Sendgifts is here to ensure you get the perfect alcohol gift for everyone on your list. Different alcohol gifts can be easily purchased online. All you need to do is select the one that bests suits your occasion and place an order. It’s convenient and easy to gift a bottle of liquor to someone, especially when you cannot be physically available.

Aguardiente Antioqueno Sin Azucar

Product Details

Colombia’s national alcoholic beverage is Aguardiente. Antioqueno is the best-selling Aguardiente in Colombia and in the world for that matter.

Aguardiente Antioqueno is the distinguishing beverage that over the years has become an integral part of the Colombian culture. It is elaborated with extra fine alcohol, anisette natural essences, and water of the best quality which is cleaned through carbon filters. All of these mixed ingredients create the unparalleled taste of the Aguardiente Antioqueno Sin Azucar.

Category: Aguardiente

Region: Colombia

Abv: 30%

Aromatic Notes: Sweet, spicy and alcoholic soft notes arrive, giving it a characteristically delicious and pleasant taste. Aguardiente Antioqueno is served very cold and neat. It can be either drunk with water or mixed in countless cocktails.

Beginning with the very first sniff and all the way until the crisp concise finish, the tasty anise is the star. Drifting across the taste buds in soft clean rum, it has a creamy, light mouth-feel. Aguardiente is typically taken as a shot, but may also be utilized as a creative ingredient in many beverages; it would also pair fantastically with grilled meat, fried bread, tropical fruits or hard cheese.

Agardi Palinka Gypsy Sour Cherry Fruit Brandy

Product Details

Palinka is the national fruit brandy of Hungary. Double-distilled and 100% natural, it is made from fruits native to and harvested from the fertile Carpathian Basin region of Europe.  The Gyspy Sour Cherry Palinka has a soft stone-fruit flavour that complements fresh floral notes and subtle marzipan with a complex character and a lingering, dried cherry finish.

Producer: Agardi Distillery

Country: Hungary

Style: Brandy

Abv: 40.00%

One Of the Gems of Our Premium Collection, This Old Hungarian Sour Cherry Brandy Expresses a Wide Array of Flavours, From A Subtle Fruity Sweetness to Slightly Piquant Peppery Notes to Slightly Nutty Marzipan Notes. This Brandy Is Finessed and Complex, But Accessible for All Brandy Enthusiasts. It Is Versatile as An Aperitif or Digestive.

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