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, Life is better with Tequila!

Life is better with Tequila!

Tequila is considered as one of the strongest alcoholic drinks. It is a favorite amongst alcohol lovers. Party lovers usually take tequila as shots along with lime and salt. It is also used in making a lot of popular cocktails like margaritas, long island ice tea, tequila sunrise and others.

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Dame Mas Reserva Extra Anejo Tequila 1000 Ml

Product Description

Dame Mas Reserva Extra Anejo Tequila in hand-decorated ceramic bottle. Tequila Dame Mas is a special edition; notes are fruity, hazelnut, vanilla and has a great aftertaste that will make you say “Dame Mas” (give me more). The process is traditional with Mamposteria (bricks) ovens; selected agaves matured for eight years as a minimum, distilled twice and filtered twice to create a super smooth tequila with a sophisticated taste where you can feel the agave in every sip. The barrels are previously used to aged fine cognac, and rested for five years to create this delicious nectar of the Gods hand-bottled of course.

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Product Details

CATEGORY: Anejo Tequila

REGION: Mexico

ABV: 40%

Don Julio Anejo Tequila 750ml


Barrel aged in smaller batches for eighteen months in American white-oak barrels, Don Julio Anejo Tequila is a testament to the craft of making a superior tasting, aged tequila.

Rich, distinctive and wonderfully complex, its flavor strikes the perfect balance between agave, wood and hints of vanilla. Best experienced neat in a snifter or simply on the rocks.

Product Details

CATEGORY: Anejo Tequila

REGION: Mexico

ABV: 40%

AGING: 18 months

NOSE: A fresh blend of lime, grapefruit and mandarin citrus aromas with a rich touch of caramel

TASTE: Full-bodied and complex with expressions of cooked agave, wild honey and oak-infused butterscotch

FINISH: Bright and lightly spiced finish with the essence of wild honey

BEST SERVED: On the rocks

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