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Navan Vanilla Cognac Grand Marnier French Liqueur

Product Description

Navan Vanilla Cognac is a deep amber/golden color with a strong, sweet, vanilla scent that is almost candy-like. The liqueur is viscous and is almost syrupy and clings to the walls of the glass. The impression when taking the first sip sweetness followed by pure vanilla.

Navan Vanilla liqueur is part of a new line of liqueurs launched by the “House of Grand Marnier.” They are proud of using all-natural Madagascar vanilla as opposed to mean vanilla as a result of processed wood. Navan is made with the same neutral spirit and infusion process that Grand Marnier orange liqueur undergoes but this time the main spice is vanilla.

Product Details


REGION: France

ABV: 40%

Aroma: Aromatic vanilla extract and Eaux de vie with butter pastry and faint coffee bean.

Taste: The surprisingly spicy palate, with pronounced vanilla flat alcoholic cream soda with a hint of orange zest and stewed black English breakfast tea.

Aftertaste: Long concentrated vanilla fudge with lingering chili spice-like heat.

Overall: Not the mild-mannered, easy McDonald’s-style milkshake vanilla flavour you might expect to find in lesser vanilla liqueurs.


Yuengling Lager 12Pk Bottles

Product Description

Brewed by Yuengling, America’s Oldest Brewery, 6th generation family owned and operated since 1829. Famous for its rich amber colour and medium-bodied flavour with roasted caramel malt for a subtle sweetness and a combination of cluster and cascade hops, this true original delivers a well-balanced taste with very distinct character. Born from a historic recipe that was resurrected in 1987, Yuengling Traditional Lager is a true classic. Pair with Picnic Fare.

Product Details

CATEGORY: Amber / Vienna Lager

REGION: Pennsylvania, United States

ABV: 4.5%

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