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  • Grand Marnier Cent Cinquantenaire 150 France 750Ml


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Size: 750ML
Proof: 80 (40% ABV)
Origin: France
Testing Notes:
Nose: A sweet orange blossom, balanced by wood, bergamot and spice notes.
Palate: Dried fruits gingerbread and nutmeg. The length of the oranges is macerated.
Finish: Lingering finish.

Distillery Information
Founded in 1880, Marnier Lapostolle are the makers of the Grand Marnier range. Originally known for their Cordon Rouge orange liqueur, made with distilled bitter orange essence and brandy, the range now includes a number of other liqueurs.

Grand Marnier 150 Year is created by using Cognac matured for 50 years. It is made from exceptionally rare Cognacs chosen from the top growing regions, Grande Champagne. The release of this bottle was in 1977 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the House of Grand Marnier. Also called Cuvee du Cent Cinquantenaire.

The exceptional quality and the unique blend of the Grand Marnier spirits has captured the attention of all over the world for more than six generations. And the Cuvee de Cent Cinquantenaire Liqueur is not an exception. Made with a blend of the best reserves from Grande Champagne XO eaux-de-vies from the Grand Marnier Paradis cellar, they are paired to the bitter orange essence that is the basis of this liqueur. This particular liqueur comprises 82 percent Cognac and the remaining delicious orange essence.

Agardi Palinka Plum Fruit Brandy

2011 Winner of the Best Hungarian Palinka, One of Our Most Popular Brandies for Fruit It is made from the plums of the renowned Besztercei Orchards. A soft stone-fruit flavor is complemented by fresh floral notes and a subtle Marzipan, with an almost airy character and lingering, dried the Plum Finish. This Dry Brandy Can Be Used in a Variety of Ways It is great as either an Aperitif, or a Digestive. Enjoy it at Room Temperature.

Palinka is the national fruit brandy of Hungary. Double-distilled and 100% natural, it is made from fruits native to and harvested from the fertile Carpathian Basin region of Europe. Founded only in 2001, the Agardi Distillery rose quickly to prominence, thanks to the extraordinary skills of Master Distiller Tibor Vertes. His plum palinka, made with plums from the renowned Besztercei orchards, was the 2011 winner of Best Hungarian Palinka; it has a soft stone-fruit flavor that complements fresh floral notes and subtle marzipan with an almost airy character and a lingering, dried plum finish

  • Agardi Palinka Plum Fruit Brandy


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Metaxa Grande Fine 750ml

Within the bottle is a spirit whose distillates are up to 15 years old, the youngest being more than 8 years old. The silky-smooth taste carries hints of vanilla within the amber colour, balanced by the aroma of wood.

  • Metaxa Grande Fine 750ml

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Amber in color. The aromas are full-bodied, well-balanced and aromatic. It is rich, silky, and aged with a hint of vanilla. The spirit is made from distillates that are more than 15 years old. The amber colour gives way to a smooth, creamy taste with hints of vanilla. It is balanced by the wood aroma.

BRAND: Metaxa
CATEGORY -Liqueurs/Aperitifs

METAXA Grande Fine, a well-respected and mature member of the METAXA Family, is a highly respected METAXA Grande Fine. The distinctive ceramic bottle is a tribute to ancient Greek designs from Rhodes.
This premium spirit will make you smile!

Metaxa is marketed as the “smoothest amber spirit ever”, and has a hint of sweetness and citrus notes. It is available in three flavours: five-star, seven-star and three-star. Each star represents the amount of time it has spent in oak casks.

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