Bollinger Pn Vz16 Brut

$269.98 $229.48

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PNVZ16 420x458
Bollinger Pn Vz16 Brut $269.98 $229.48
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Second Edition Of The Bollinger PN Collection, Our PN VZ16 Champagne Is A Blend With A Unique Taste, Showcasing The Distinctive Features Of Wines From The Verzenay Terroir, Which Make Up The Majority Of The Blend.

Bollinger PN, Made Exclusively From Pinot Noir, Has Been Crafted By The House To Express Its Unique Vision Of This Specific Grape Variety. This New VZ16 Edition Explores The Unique Interpretation Of Pinot Noir From Verzenay 2016.

A Predominant Grape Across The Range, Pinot Noir Is The Pillar Of The Bollinger Style, And The House Has Forged Its Reputation By Showcasing This Variety.

Bollinger PN Embodies The Ambition To Bring To Light The Variety Of Expressions Of Pinot Noir By Selecting The Finest Varietal From Several Terroirs, Each Contributing A Unique Component To The Overall Taste.

A Unique Expression For Each Edition

The Taste Of Pinot Noir And The Terroir-Driven Approach Are The Two Common Characteristics Of The Bollinger PN Cuvée. PN VZ16 Offers A Fresh Vision Of Bollinger’s Savoir-Faire And Vineyards.

Each Edition Will Feature A Different Cru From The Base Year, Carefully Selected By Champagne Bollinger, So That Each New Version Will Be An Elegant Reinvention Of The Original Cuvée.


100% Pinot Noir

Main Origin: Verzenay

Base Vintage: 2016

Oldest Reserve Wine: 2006