Maison Trenel Fils Creme De Cassis De Bourgogne 750ml

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The cassis (black currant) fruit for the Crème de Cassis de Bourgogne liqueur comes from the limestone-rich soil of Burgundy, which produces both grapes and black currants with intense flavor. With a crème there’s no disguising the quality of the fruit. What goes in almost completely determines the final taste as the fruit doesn’t ferment — it’s simply crushed a bit, and put into neutral spirits (made from sugar beets) to macerate for 1-6 months before straining, pressing and filtering. Sugar is then added to produce a liqueur ready for bottling.

Brilliant, deep red color with beautiful purple tints. Sugar and alcohol are ideally balanced. Fruity and good finesse. Crème de cassis is traditionally used for kir or kir royale white and sparkling wine apéritifs. The rich and wonderfully fruity cassis of Trénel is also perfect over vanilla ice cream or lemon sorbet.

Maison Trenel Fils Creme De Cassis De Bourgogne 750ml $71.00 $60.35
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