Heavens Door Bootleg Series 26 Year Old Mizunara Oak Whiskey 750ml

$4,385.00 $3,727.25

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Heaven’s Door Bootleg Series  – A premium expression of Dylan’s creativity, the 2019 edition of The Bootleg Series is a 26-year-old whiskey finished in Japanese Mizunara oak casks presented in a ceramic bottle adorned with one of his most celebrated paintings, Train Tracks. This collectors bottle rests in a rich leather case, making this whisky an artful experience from start to finish.

The Heaven’s Door whiskeys were launched in early 2018 as a trio of American whiskeys, having been designed to be approachable for Dylan’s laid-back fan base and not just whiskey aficionados. Heaven’s Door is a collaboration between the well-known musician Bob Dylan and co-founder of Angel’s Envy, Marc Bushala. The name of course, was inspired by Dylan’s song Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

Tasting Notes Of Heaven’s Door Bootleg Series


Vital Stats:

 111.5 proof, 55.75% ABV. Aged 26 years and finished in Mizunara Oak barrels. Low rye mash bill. ~ $499 per 750ml bottle.


 Somewhere between a pale gold and a bright orange. The bottle comes with an individually numbered leather case to make it a collector’s item. The bottle itself is ceramic and hand-made, featuring one of Bob Dylan’s own paintings.


This one begins with plum and raisin, then delves into a light nuttiness. There’s also some background notes of vanilla bean and oak.


 A medium bodied whiskey with a fairly long finish. Flavors of honeydew, vanilla, and a touch of clove spice. Given, the higher proof, adding a few drops of water bring out some of the more floral notes.

Heaven's Door Bootleg Series
Heavens Door Bootleg Series 26 Year Old Mizunara Oak Whiskey 750ml $4,385.00 $3,727.25
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