Zwack Kosher Slivovitz Plum Brandy -
Zwack Kosher Slivovitz Plum Brandy
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Zwack Kosher Slivovitz Plum Brandy

$83.98 $75.58

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Zwack Kosher Slivovitz Plum Brandy

Pale amber in color, Zwack Kosher Slivovitz’s brandy encompasses a light plum fragrance. It boasts a bold and full-bodied flavor (plumb, with hints of cherries) which is spicy on the palate. Originating from Hungary, which is one of the finest countries in the world for slivovitz. Kosher for Passover and labeled accordingly.

Zwack Kosher Slivovitz 3-Year-Old Plum Brandy Is A Pale Amber In Color And Offers Aromas Of Pepper And Plum Fruit On The Nose. On The Palate, Plum And Cherry Fruit Flavors With Nice Spiciness.

The label notifies us that it takes a full 6.5 kg of fresh plums to make each bottle of Zwack Slivovitz — which ought to be an awe-inspiring notion for most anyone. Anyway, certainly don’t be too shy to include an ice cube or two when you sip at this product, as it is plenty strong in both flavor and volatility. Maybe even store this one in the freezer for the inevitable claims. On that note, this is a much more characterful alternative to vodka for l’chaims. The palate offers surprisingly vibrant flavors of plums and a very silky texture, followed by a hefty finish. A great product to have around.

Zwack is a Budapest, Hungary based company that makes liqueurs and spirits. The company produces an 80 proof (40% alcohol) herbal liqueur known as Unicum from a secret blend of more than forty different herbs and spices. Unicum is known as one of the national drinks of Hungary.


Aromas of pepper and plum fruit on the nose.


On the palate, plum and cherry fruit flavors with a nice spiciness.


A hefty finish.

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