Xplorer "Rooibos" Gin by Kilimanjaro Distillery
Xplorer Rooibos Gin By Kilimanjaro Distillery 700ml
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Xplorer Rooibos Gin By Kilimanjaro Distillery 700ml


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Xplorer Rooibos Gin Flavored Gin is made with the Rooibos herb and 14 different botanicals that are vapor infused with the health benefits of anti-oxidants and polyphenols from the Rooibos herb.

Tasting Notes & Aroma: Light, herbaceous, crisp, juniper.

Palate: Herbal, creamy, sweet and nutty, liquorice, citrus, slightly peppery, crisp & smooth, flavorful taste with a taste of Rooibos.

Finish: Smooth Rich finish with a hint of Spices and Rooibos notes.

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