Shortly after Woodford WOODFORD RESERVE DOUBLE OAKED released Double Oaked, it released a gift-shop only version.  Typically priced a tad above $50 and bottled in a 375ml bottle.

There really isn’t much information we get from the label. We know that this is a “straight bourbon,” so that sets the bar in terms of the grain bill and minimum aging requirements, but the details get a bit fuzzy.

An Innovative Approach To Twice-Barreled Bourbon Creates The Rich And Colorful Flavor Of Woodford. Uniquely Matured In Separate, Charred Oak Barrels – The Second Barrel Deeply Toasted Before A Light Charring – Extracts Additional Amounts Of Soft, Sweet Oak Character.

Seasoned Oak, Toasted Oak, Charred Oak.  I kid you not when I say that there are multiple levels of oak in different stages of barrel making that have penetrated deep and are letting themselves be known.  But the oak isn’t covering up the other great scents of caramel fudge, toasted marshmallows, and heavy vanilla.

 The first thing I’m noticing is that the mouthfeel doesn’t feel as thick as it does in Woodford’s regular Double Oaked.  Perhaps the filtering process had to remove a lot of fatty acids that were making this too oaky.

I was waiting for some fruits and now I’ve got them.  Cherry cordials turn up with milk chocolate, orange marmalade, and orange blossom honey.

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According to some other sources, the aggregate grain bill for the fermented mash where this spirit begins its life is 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley. WOODFORD RESERVE DOUBLE OAKED Rye isn’t always used in bourbon, but both this product and Bulleit Bourbon use it to add some flavor to their spirit

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