William Grant & Sons Ladyburn Single Malt 42 Year 750ml


The Ladyburn Distillery has the distinction of being the shortest operational distillery in the history of Scotch whisky. It is now a “ghost distillery”, having been completely demolished in 1976. William Grant & Sons have kept some casks of Ladyburn maturing in their warehouses. Once these ancient reserves of Ladyburn are gone they cannot be replaced. This rare bottling contains whisky of at least 42 years of age, with a distinctive taste, much sought after by the connoisseur.

Ladyburn 42 Year Old is a single malt collector whisky from the now-demolished Ladyburn distillery in the lowlands of Scotland. The main purpose of the distillery was the production of whisky for the blends produced by William Grant and Sons Ltd for brands Balvenie and Glenfiddich. However, over the decade it was in operation, a handful of ‘official’ single malt whiskies were bottled as well. This rare whisky is one of them.

The Ladyburn distillery was founded in 1966 by William Grant and Sons Ltd. The whisky distillery sits on the same site as the grain distillery, Girvan; in fact, Ladyburn was not so much a new distillery, rather the addition of a further two sets of stills in a corner at the same complex. The two distilleries not only share a site but also a place in Grant’s blended Scotch. Ladyburn single malt whisky is rather rare, in stark contrast to its illustrious William Grant-owned siblings, Balvenie and Glenfiddich.


A rich and deep Aroma with hints of linseed, licorice, and leather. Subtle vanilla oak notes overlay the maltiness.


Rich and mouth coating with a silky texture. The flavor builds over time revealing stewed fruits, a green leafiness, and antique leather.


Slightly dry and long-lasting.

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