Willett Pot Still Reserve
Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon 750ml
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Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon 750ml


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Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon

Willett Pot Still Reserve was originally introduced as a single barrel beginning in 2008. Around 2015, it was quietly changed over to a small batch bourbon. While Willett Distillery resumed distillation after a lengthy hiatus starting in 2012, Willett Pot Still Reserve continues to be sourced from undisclosed distillery(ies) in Kentucky. Willett has not disclosed if, or when, their own distillate will be incorporated into Willett Pot Still Reserve. The bourbon in review is from batch number 19C25.

Summer fruits highlighted by ripe cherry and a pinch of citrus envelope a mingling of vanilla and dry oak. A faint hint of buttered popcorn lingers in the background, along with a dash of sweet honey. Light overall, but the combination of aromas brings enough complexity to keep it interesting, inviting you back for more.

Willett Pot Still Reserve was rumored to be around 8-10 years old when it was initially released as a single barrel product in 2008. However, that was also a time when readily-available high aged bourbon was plentiful, prices for bourbon were consistently low, and the demand we’re experiencing today existed only as a distant mirage.

Transforming into a small batch bourbon around 2015, likely a response to the emergence of growing demand for America’s Native Spirit, went largely unnoticed by the majority of consumers. However, the brand’s main identifying attribute remained unchanged, and it has nothing to do with the bourbon’s taste. Willett Pot Still Reserve’s reputation stems primarily from its attention-grabbing bottle design – a unique glass decanter reminiscent of a copper pot still.

Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon Tasting Notes:

Nose: Aromas of brown sugar molasses and caramel

Palate: Caramel, vanilla, butterscotch and mild coffee

Finish: Sweet, smooth

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Category Bourbon
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Willett
Alcohol/vol 47%
Proof 94.00

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Weight 750 lbs