Willett Family Estate Rye Whiskey 4 Year Old


The barrels that went into this small batch combined to make an amazing drinker. Nose- Beautiful layering of brandied cherry over a mildly tart cherry. It opens up with time and is reminiscent of cutting into your desert with your fork which releases cinnamon and baking spices with just a hint of oak to remind you that this is high proof youthful.

In the early 2010’s Willett started distilling Willett Family Estate Rye on-site for the first time in over 30 years. In 2014, they celebrated this accomplishment with the release of a two year old rye whiskey. Since then they have continued to age their Willett Family Estate Rye and have stuck with a four year age statement for their standard rye product, although younger and older age statements can be found. It is a small batch and is released at barrel proof.

An interesting and borderline unusual aroma is propped up by floral, botanical, and sweet scents. Plenty of caramel is present in the form of caramel apple, caramel popcorn, and burnt toffee. The aroma has a gentleness about it thanks to additional notes of honey. There is a bit of rye bread lying underneath it all too.

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Palette- A robust rye with dark cherry, burnt vanilla, and spices for days. It’s a delicious rye with a weighty mouthfeel. It’s insanely well balanced with the alcohol so perfectly integrated at 115 proof you’ll forget its there, but you’ll find yourself smiling more and happier with each dram. Finish- the finish is long and the spices dominate this batch, while the cherry does punch its way through to the surface.

Category Rye
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Willett
Alcohol/vol 55%
Proof 110.00

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Weight 750 lbs