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Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 750ml
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Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 750ml

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The brand Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit was first released in 1994 and is said to be the second single barrel bourbon to hit the market after Blanton’s. Jimmy Russell personally selects casks that have matured for approximately nine years to be bottled individually for this line. Awarded Malt Advocate’s “Best of the Year” in 1995.


Overall it’s very sweet with an interesting mix of key lime and pecan pie. Hints of citrus, leather, and spice are also present. It has a thicker, more full-bodied nose than the normal Wild Turkey 101.


Like the nose, the palate is on the sweet side with generous amounts of caramel, vanilla, orange, and cinnamon present. It also has a really nice balance of rye and corn. Leather and oak notes help balance the palate from some of its sweeter aspects.


Medium-long finish with hearty notes of rye and leather. It’s not too hot, yet it leaves an agreeable amount of flavor in your mouth. The finish is well balanced between the lighter/sweet beginning and the slightly dry, oaky finish. It leaves a nice aftertaste of brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon.


There’s not a lot that is obviously unique with this bourbon. Its flavor profile has few surprises and follows the bold, rye-forward Wild Turkey style. What makes the bourbon special is its balance of the flavor spectrum. The corn flavor is offset by the rye spiciness. The sweetness is offset by oak and leather flavors.


Most of Wild Turkey’s special releases and even their Rare Breed are blended bourbons, so between Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel at 110 proof and Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel at 101 proof, this is the closest consumers get to tasting pure right-out-of-the-barrel Wild Turkey bourbon.

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Category Burbon
Varietal Kentucky Spirit
Region USA
Brand Wild Turkey