Westland Garryana 2017 American Single Malt Whiskey 750ml
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Westland Garryana 2017 American Single Malt Whiskey 750ml


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This whiskey gets its name from Quercus garryana, the Latin name for Garry Oak found in the Pacific Northwest, though the actual oak is only used to mature 21% of the final whiskey with the rest in a combination of new and used American White Oak (Quercus alba). That’s enough to have a major impact on the whiskey, though, with a very aromatic nose full of apricot jam, oak, vanilla, and honey. The taste has apricot jam, clove, white pepper, vanilla, and honey notes with a touch of oak in the background. The finish is long with a good spiciness, oak, and once again…apricot jam. A very unique single malt.

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Category Whiskey
Region America , Whiskey
Brand Westland
Alcohol/vol 50%