Whiskey Row Distillers Select Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


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Whiskey Row Distiller’s Select is a one and only pre-prohibition style bourbon you might have found in a classy speakeasy or perhaps the Rathskeller Room at the Seelbach Hotel around the turn of the century.

The stretch of Renaissance Revival buildings located on Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky is known as Whiskey Row. From 1850 through Prohibition, Whiskey Row became the trading center for all spirits distilled in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia. Whiskey from upriver was warehoused and blended with Kentucky whiskey on its way downriver to New Orleans and overland to the West.

Whiskey Row Distiller’s Select Bourbon is a blend of small batch barrels that mirrors many of those early recipes so that you may enjoy the same flavors that our ancestors enjoyed during the foundation and westward expansion of our nation.


Caramel corn and apples with a hint of tobacco or leather. Very light nose but pleasant.


A bit thin in mouth feel but very sweet with vanilla and fruit pears and apples, with a hint of tobacco and spice, like a fine cigar. Tasted with a cranberry brings out the vanilla and makes the mouth feel a little more creamy. The fruits are still there but the spices become more baking spices. Tasted with a pecan it becomes a bit more buttery with vanilla and berries. The spice is subdued and the Bourbon becomes almost brandy-like.


Not overly long but it dries out to a nice oak finish. The cranberries make the finish a little longer and fruitier rather than dry. The pecan makes the finish very dry and oaky with just a hint of pepper.

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