Very Old Barton Bourbon 100 Proof -
Very Old Barton Bourbon 100 Proof

Very Old Barton Bourbon 100 Proof


Very Old Barton Bourbon, owned by the Sazerac Company, is produced in Bardstown, Kentucky. There are variety of Very Old Barton bourbons on the market including an 80 proof, an 86 proof and a 90 proof. This 100 proof bottling is also bottled in bond. The 6 year age statement is now gone and replaced with just the number “6” on the handle, but they bourbon is indeed at least 4 years old.

Very Old Barton Bourbon is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey produced in Bardstown, Kentucky and aged 4 or 6 years by the Sazerac Company at its Barton Distillery. It is bottled in 80-, 86-, 90- and 100-proof (US) expressions.

Very Old Barton Bourbon is a Kentucky straight bourbon that has been matured for an average of four to six years in charred, American oak casks before being bottled at 100 proof. As a result, the bourbon has a rich amber color along with an aroma of vanilla beans and chewy leather.

A Kentucky Straight Bourbon from Barton Brands, part of the Sazerac company since 2009, produced at the Tom Moore distillery in Bardstown Kentucky. Packed full of corny flavour (with a 75% corn mash) it’s a standard across Kentucky.

Very Old Barton has been carefully distilled and aged for generations in Bardstown, Kentucky. This classic bourbon whiskey has a bold and rich taste that goes down smooth, just as it has for decades.


Rich, tawny amber hue. Lean woody aroma.


A firm attack leads to a medium bodied palate with a drying woody character.


Dry, warm finish.

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