Varnelli Amaro
Varnelli Amaro Dell’Erborista 1000 Ml
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Varnelli Amaro Dell’Erborista 1000 Ml


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Varnelli Amaro Dell’Erborista

liter bottle, 21% ABV

From the Varnelli’s long experience with distilling herbal products, this intriguing Varnelli amaro is obtained from a mixture of herbs, roots and barks which are prepared over a wood fire. Only pure honey from the Sibillini Mountains is used to sweeten this amaro.

“Powerful tannins countered by intense salivation at side walls of the mouth. Strong spices, rhubarb, sandalwood.

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Initially destined to herbalists, it has conquered the best catering for its goodness and originality.
How to taste it
Great niche bitterness, it can be enjoyed smooth, iced or elongated with water or gaseous. It combines perfectly with cola and can become a great grog heated and garnished with orange peel or with a cinnamon stick or cloves.
Color: Tobacco with brick shades, veiled, visually challenging.
Smell: Aroma of ripe fruit almost cooked and sultanas, hints of gentian, rhubarb, sandalwood, honey are perceived.
Taste: Dry, bitter, warm. Incisive tannic presence that leaves the palate dry and is contrasted by an intense salivation in the lateral points of the mouth. Hard sensations are given, given by acids and tannins.
Intensity: Bitter and spicy valences also involve in the persistent phase.
Persistence: Intense aroma of spices, rhubarb, sandalwood. The tonic persistence is also intense.
Final Considerations: The definition of taste will be very personal. A great niche tonic, it can be used in all circumstances: as an appetite stimulant, as an invigorating, and as a thirst quencher if lengthened with water and ice. End the meal well.
How to serve: Smooth, or shaken, on the rocks or mixed with cola. It can become an excellent grog heated and garnished with orange peel or with a cinnamon stick or cloves.