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Unshackled 2018 Red Blend By The Prisoner Wine Company
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Unshackled 2018 Red Blend By The Prisoner Wine Company

$125.00 $106.25

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The Prisoner Wine Company, known for its defiantly different super- luxury blends with visually provocative labels, today introduces the launch of Unshackled 2018 Red Blend a new luxury wine brand available nationwide in January 2020.

Developed by The Prisoner Wine Company’s Director of Winemaking Chrissy Wittmann and her winemaking team, the Unshackled 2018 Red Blend portfolio offers a Red Blend, Cabernet Sauvignon and Rosé, each sourced from California’s Central Coast and North Coast wine growing regions. Wittmann employs her renowned method of blending nontraditional varietals to develop Unshackled’s unique style for those who think, create and drink differently.

“Fans of The Prisoner Wine Company will recognize something special in Unshackled, which blends together familiar varietals from California’s premier wine regions to create a distinct collection with a personality all its own,” shares Wittmann. “This is an exciting new chapter for our winemaking team, to craft wines with our signature quality in a new style.”

Unshackled provides a well-priced option for wine drinkers looking to further explore—or discover for the first time—the allure and rule-bending ethos of parent brand The Prisoner Wine Company. Honoring the eye- catching labels that The Prisoner Wine Company is known for, each bottle of Unshackled is adorned with a metallic codex debossed with details that hold the key to the wine’s appellation, varietal and vintage. The combination lock-style label hints at the freedom of creativity released with just the right code.

A blend of Zinfandel, Malbec, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Grenache, this wine opens with aromas of raspberry, blueberry and crushed violets. On the palate, it offers flavors of spiced dried cherries, florals and a hint of white pepper, with a generous mouthfeel.

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