Ultra Premium Select Club Southern Peaches Cream Liqueur 750ml
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Ultra Premium Select Club Southern Peaches Cream Liqueur 750ml


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Made from the finest North American corn and rye, Select Club whisky undergoes intensive aging in American Oak Bourbon barrels and multiple rounds of filtering to create a smoother, balanced and bolder taste. Forget the peach pie, Southern Peaches amp; Cream is the perfect blend of whisky and cream with a burst of fresh, juicy peaches. Best served over ice for the ideal sweet treat, the velvety whisky and cream spirit envelops taste buds and pairs well with prosciutto heavy charcuterie boards and Thanksgiving spreads. The Canada-based distillery’s Sea Salted Caramel Cream perfectly blends together whisky and cream to create a velvety taste best served in coffee, over ice or blended in cocktails. On cold winter nights, this spirit enhances any evening.

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Category Liqueur
Region Canada, Liqueur
Brand Select Club
Alcohol/vol 17%