The Whistler Irish Honey Whiskey 750ml
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The Whistler Irish Honey Whiskey 750ml


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Using some of the finest ex-bourbon matured and sherry finished Irish Whiskey, this was then infused with honey. NOSE: This nose is bursting with delicious creamy honeycomb, caramel, candied almonds and unmistakable undertones of smooth Irish whiskey. PALATE: Opens with a healthy whiskey influence, immediately followed by incredibly creamy vanilla and caramel, with honey and candied almonds at the end. FINISH: Long, smooth and decadent with more than a hint of honey that lingers on.


Beautiful aromas of butterscotch, caramel and natural honey.


Smooth like a caramel candy


Round and smooth with layers of flavors with a natural honey finish. Worthy of another go!
Arguably the best tasting honey flavored whiskey in the world!

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Category Whisky
Region Ireland, Whisky
Brand The Whistler
Alcohol/vol 33%