The Real Mccoy White Rum 3 Year Old -
The Real Mccoy White Rum 3 Year Old

The Real Mccoy White Rum 3 Year Old


The Real Mccoy White rum is a range of rums produced for the eponymous American company. This is aged in heavily charred American oak barrels for three years.

The Real Mccoy White rum 3 Year Old is smooth & soft with subtle spice & wood notes. Buttery caramel, hints of coconut, toasted caramel, and marzipan are present on the palate. The finish is long and warm with hints of toasted coconut.

This is a 3 year old rum from the Real McCoy range, which has been aged in American oak bourbon barrels before enjoying a filtration process to remove the color imparted by the maturation, but not the flavor. As such, this rum lends itself well to use in flavorsome cocktails and mixed drinks. The range is named after the nickname used for spirits sold by Bill McCoy, the legendary Prohibition-era smuggler.

The Real McCoy Aged 3 Years. The Real McCoy is based around a famous prohibition-era “rum runner” or “bootlegger” called Bill McCoy.

The term, now in common use “The Real McCoy” when referring to something of higher or better quality is not thought to have originated from Bill McCoy however.  It was in use long before he came along.

The Real McCoy rum does however have a good claim to being of higher or better quality product, as it created at the Foursquare distillery in Barbados.


Fried banana, spicy oak, a hint of fresh grass, vanilla tablet.


Cedar, Bounty bars, dried apple, white pepper builds in the background.


Subtly savory on the finish with oily nuts and salted caramel.

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