Terra Meiga Aguardiente
Terra Meiga Aguardiente De Orujo 750ml
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Terra Meiga Aguardiente De Orujo 750ml


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Terra Meiga Aguardiente De Orujo

The traditional distillate, with a strong personality, intense and aromatic ,Terra Meiga Aguardiente is obtained from the best pomace, which, after complete fermentation, is slowly and carefully distilled.

Its aromas are characteristic of pomace, with sweet tones, and raisined fruit. On the palate it is powerful, with a long aftertaste, and offers retro-olfaction with hints of liquor ice.

Type: Aguardiente de Orujo

Made by: Vingalicia

Made in: Spain

Proof: 40% Vol.

Color: Transparent, colorless, bright.

Aroma: intense, very clean and frank.

Taste: Harmonious on the palate, with a silky, fine, elegant attack and great persistence.

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