Svedka Vodka 1L -
Svedka Vodka 1L

Svedka Vodka 1L


This Svedka Vodka is made from refined winter wheat and crystal clear water and is at least five times distilled.
Russia and Poland are not the only nations where Vodka is highly praised and belongs to the country’s culture. It is no longer a secret that Scandinavian countries are also enthusiastic about the properties. Of this spirit and familiar with the production for centuries.
Sweden is one of these countries and the very special Svedka Vodka has already won many international awards. For themselves due to its unbeatable quality. In 2000, 2006 and 2010 Svedka Vodka received silver medals. And in 2007 received a bronze medal at the world spirits competition in San Francisco. These ongoing awards alone confirm its exceptional quality.
This almost forty hour distillation process allows that a subsequent filtration is no longer necessary.
This sought-after Svedka Vodka has received its distinctive clear color. As well as the special softness for which it is loved even by internationally renowned bartenders due to the long distillation.


On the nose you discover the beautiful sounds of wheat, as well as slightly spicy flavors of tarragon that give the Svedka Vodka that special oomph.


Once in the mouth the medium-bodied Svedka Vodka lies down velvety on the tongue with a slight peppery and whipped cream finish. Again, thoughts of exquisite winter wheat and a certain spice are created here. It’s almost endless finish defines itself as very soft. Delicate and tickles down the throat easily. A tasting of this Vodka remains a very positive memory for a long time and will make you reach for more.
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